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Watheroo Bentonite Clay

Well regarded for its ability to retain water, it is often used in gardens to condition and improve the sandy soils in the West Australian Coastal Plain which have low levels of clay and other organic matter. Bentonite is the perfect soil wetter in this case – and because it is natural, you are not introducing foreign chemicals or impurities to the soil – and there is no run-off into the water table. 20KG Bag

Soil Wetta

Ezi-Wet’s main function is to help soils absorb water. It can be used on gardens, on lawns and in pots. Ezi-Wet is approved under the national Smart Approved Watermark scheme and is WA Waterwise Approved giving you the assurance of great water savings.  10KGs


100L bag compressed to 70L.  DSATCO Triple-C is a blend of canola, lupin, chicken manure and other cereal crops (collectively known as corn), producing a nitrogen-rich and water-retaining mulch that has the ability to keep soil 5-10 degrees cooler, saves valuable water, adds pro-biotics to your soil and has the capacity to reverse non wetting soils.  The structure of this mulch provides food, moisture and protection for the life in your soils.

Brunnings Green Up Lawn Food

For a thicker, greener lawn Suitable for all grass types Including Buffalo & Kikuyu.  10KG Bag.

Pea Mulch

80 litres covers up to 18m2

Chunky Pine Bark mulch

Potting mix

30 litres

Sheep Manure

30 litres

Gingin Gold Soil Conditioner

30 litres

Multi-Mix Blended manure

30 litres

Richgro Fertilizers

We stock a wide range of Richgro Fertilizers.

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