Frequently Asked Questions

Trailer use…how long can we use it for?

We have 8 loan trailers in service.
Now… a regular misconception is that people think they have the trailer for however long it takes to unload the product as they garden……if this is what you need then we suggest you hire a trailer from Just Trailers in Cort Way or Kennards.

Our trailers are complimentary and especially on weekends in high demand, so for this reason we set conditions and a definition of this is below.
Our trailers have a complimentary 2 HOURS maximum use, they are to be used as explained:-
1. Pick up your product
2. Take it home
3. If you have time, yes of course work from the trailer but it not, remove product on to the ground or tarp
4. Return trailer
We do Charge $45 fee for late trailer return when over the 2hour free period.
Trailers are NOT to be taken to the tip, NO over night use, NO pre-booking service.

How much product do I need?

Calculating volumes is easy. Measure length, width, and depth and multiply. Example: 4m (length) x 4m (width) x .05 (50mm deep) = 0.8 cubic metres.  Please feel free to use our Soil calculator on the homepage.

Why do i need Mulch?

Mulching is carried out primarily to retain moisture in your garden. This in turn encourages strong and healthy growth in your garden. Your choice of mulch will depend on your need i.e. sunny or shaded position, strength of winds and personal preference to colour and texture.  It is recommended that Mulch  be applied 50 to 75 millimetres thick and avoid mulching close to plant stem or trunk of your plants.

What soil do I need for Roll on Lawn?

Our Landscape Mix is perfect for soil prep when you want to lay roll on lawn, it has composted organics with sand & peat.  It is recommended that a minimum of 50mm be put down prior to your turf being laid.

What soil do I need for top dressing my lawn?

You can use Lawn Mix or Lawn sand.  Lawn Mix has poultry manure, compost, gin gin loam & topdressing sand so it will feed your lawn and well as level it out.  However, if you just need to level, you can use the plain yellow lawn sand.  Recommended to be applied 10mm thick when top dressing.

Do I have to purchase a full trailer/Truck load?

No you don’t.  You only need to purchase what you need.  We sell by the scoop and even deliver only 1 scoop if that is what you require (half scoops also avail, please ask for pricing).  In one sand delivery we can deliver up to 15 level scoops (5m3) & Mulches up to 24 level scoops (8m3).  We also bag our products, please ask for pricing.

Do I need to be home when goods are delivered?

No you don’t, as long as we have a description of where the product is to be dropped.  We will do our best to leave where required, however if the position is not suitable, the driver will use his common sense and leave in the goods in the most suitable spot he can see.

What is your Refund/Returns Policy

Customers are encouraged to inspect products in the yard prior to delivery.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure any product(s) ordered are as per their expectations.  Incorrect product selection/quantity or “Change of Mind” circumstances will not be refunded, collected/returned or redelivered.  If any incorrect product is loaded and delivered by us then we will bear responsibility for the correct product delivery and collection of the incorrect product if required.  No claims recognised after 14 days from invoice date.